ODEX is a cutting edge exchange that allows participants in the OCHS Economic Community to trade and invest in each others’ companies.


Built using blockchain technology ODEX tokenizes OCHS EC business and allows investors to trade and invest using a decentralized exchange.

ODEX Business PlanOpen ODEX

Generational Impact

Olney CHS Economic Community members have been locked out of capital markets for too long. Businesses require capital and investors to grow their market share. ODEX provides members of OCHS EC a low entry barrier marketplace where they can sell tokenized shares of  their own businesses. Other members of the OCHS EC then can invest in their local economy and build generational wealth.

digital property rights

ODEX currently trades over 20 company tokens and hopes to double token offerings and trading volume over the next 3 years. In addition to trading tokenized shares of local companies, ODEX’s roadmap includes expanding into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), giving OCHS EC investors a way to buy and sell creative property.  The NFT is a high growth market space and the Olney Charter High School Economic Community is currently underserved in this market.

$FENN Token

By 2032 ODEX will be the main investment mechanism for local small businesses in the Olney Charter High School Economic Region with over 100 token offering and a comprehensive digital rights ownership model. ODEX will also offer collateralized loans back by $FENN allowing business owners to grow their businesses even when there aren’t willing buyers for their tokens. ODEX can help ensure that the Olney Charter High School Economic Community can grow and prosper with $FENN becoming a store of wealth that will help OCHS EC investors build generational wealth.

FennChain and ODEX

Blockchains have matured to become the new standard for digital ledger technology with over $1.5 trillion currently capitalizing cryptocurrency markets. Blockchain technologies have opened up financial opportunities for communities previously excluded from wealth generating investment mechanisms. The reason blockchain technology has received mass adoption is because it creates a fast and inexpensive way to make trade easy between people.

How Blockchain Works

ODEX is built on a private version of the Ethereum network. $FENN is the native currency of the private ODEX chain. ODEX’s internal research suggests that the OCHS Economic Community is underserved with at least 40 different businesses, likely more, looking for ways to bring investment into their businesses. ODEX offers a 24-7 trading platform that allows investors and businesses in the OCHS Economic Community to connect with investors. Our market research also showed that investors want an easy way to browse investment opportunities. ODEX makes it easy for investors to browse investment opportunities by providing both a business plan and a 1-minute video created by the business owners.

Future of ODEX and $FENN


ODEX offers local investors in the OCHS Economic Community a digital vehicle to both attract and make investments in local business owners. Additionally it serves its customers with detailed information for each token on the ODEX exchange.

As ODEX grows and develops a complex system of financial products will be made available including interest bearing accounts, collateralized loans based on token assets and non-fungible tokens that will establish digital property ownership allowing for creative products a marketplace to be sold. 

By 2032 ODEX hopes to serve over 100 local businesses and have a market capitalization of 1 trillion $FENN.

Our Experts

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Sean Fennessy

Founder and CEO

Shorty Blankface

Marketing and Operations

Slate Rappaport

Data Architect