This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but a conservative strategy in a volatile (but growing) market leads to modest, but consistent, gains.

Using the RSI 14 Close and BB&RSI measures we can usually predict swings in the market.  Admittedly, the RSI is not going to predict a coin ‘mooning’, but I’d prefer less volatile investments with high enough market caps that ‘pump and dumps’ are less of a concern.

Both Daily and 4h Graphs can be viewed on the right.


April 12, 2021


Cardano (ADA/USD)

Market Cap: 6th

This has been a watch for a few days, and it still has a few days more of growth.  Take a look at the 4hr and 1d RSI forecast for ADA.

Like any high cap investment, the percentage swings are often smaller, so this is not ‘mooning’, but it’s a great long term growth coin for now.

Included at the bottom are the Moving Averages Rating buy recommendation.



Market Cap: 29th

This is a smaller cap investment that seems to have good fundamentals over the next few days.

I’ll be watching this one closely. 


Market Cap: 62nd

This is a much smaller cap investment that I am closely watching given the volatility of smaller markets.

This one could be one to watch long-term, we’ll see.